Need to clean up your UI yourself?

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The problem

Ask yourself:

  • Are you having trouble choosing a font?
  • Do your colors look off? Too bright? Too dull?
  • Is everything crammed together in your application?
  • Do you want to learn how to make your application "pop"?
  • Have you tried to work on your UI but given up? Do you want to see how the pros do it?

Good news: it can all be learned very quickly and easily.

Most developers and entrepreneurs think designing user interfaces is a daunting and unpleasant task. They feel like they just cannot design something nice no matter how hard they try. The truth is, with a few simple tactics, you can bridge the gap between the look of a hobby project and a professionally-designed application.

The solution

In the UI Crash Course, you’ll learn to:

  • Choose typography that looks slick
  • Combine colors effortlessly and on brand
  • Understand why whitespace is so important
  • Learn how to make effective background images
  • Easy animations and effects to make your site pop

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