Turning a profit in weeks with Turngram

Turning Instagram into real photographs is just the beginning. Here’s how we opened up a whole new revenue stream for the business in one week.

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The problem

Turngram allows people to use Instagram to turn their online photo albums into real-life pictures to share with friends and family. The problem with such a great idea is how tough it can be to keep up with demand. Turngram was approached by several businesses to partner with them and allow their customers to interact with their photographs via Turngram.

The solution

We met with the founder, Arian, to create a simple, yet flexible Ruby on Rails dashboard to spin up custom partner pages for all of these businesses to accept Turngram accounts. We also provided detailed reporting software to track their new revenue stream. In one week, we delivered the dashboard, partner pages, and reports.

The outcome

Within a week of launching, Turngram announced their partners program to the world and was able to expand their business beyond individuals into corporate accounts.

What they had to say

We wanted to build a critical product for increasing our revenue with a quick turnaround. Within a week, Anon was able to build the entire component, complete with tests, reporting, and analytics. We were able to launch extremely quickly and grab our first partnership customers within a matter of days.
Arian Radmand testimonial
Arian Radmand, President & CEO, Turngram

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