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Writing out your math homework was never easy. LaTeX makes it easy, and ShareLaTeX makes it even easier now that we’ve given it the proper touchups.

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The problem

ShareLaTeX makes it easy to work with the LaTeX typesetting language. They provide an online editor with all of the necessary features to author documents, resumes, and more. The only problem was a lagging UI and some very confused customers.

The solution

We reskinned the entire Node application from the ground up. Working with the founders, Henry and James, we started by asking them what designs inspired them. We then skinned a few of the public pages to give them a taste of what their new branding would look like. From there we iterated week-by-week, refining the design page-by-page until the brand was fully updated. We also applied our knowledge of user experience to re-design some of the core editor interactions. This created a more intuitive, easier-to-use editor that increased interactions with their customers considerably.

The outcome

Immediately ShareLaTeX saw increased user engagement and signups. A bit later, ShareLaTeX’s compelling product attracted a lot of interest; in July of 2017, Overleaf acquired ShareLaTeX.

What they had to say

Anon proved to be excellent help leading the redesign of ShareLaTeX. Our design brief was quite complex, building a design for a modern 21st century web app with a feel of a traditional academic publication. They were very keen to produce something we were extremely happy with, continually took on our ideas and feedback, producing a set of professional layouts, colours and designs which perfectly fit the brief and stood the test of time. I would be very happy to work with Anon again.
Henry Oswald testimonial
Henry Oswald, Co-founder, ShareLaTeX

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