Re-inventing social with Rolo Labs

Social networks are never easy to build. Building them right with the proper foundation was only the beginning.

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The problem

Rolo provides a private social network, free from the noise of mega networks like Facebook. Trying to build a social network is hard already, but even harder when you’re trying to deliver a great experience on mobile. The core of that experience starts with what’s under the hood, and there wasn’t enough to get this network off the ground.

The solution

We augmented the dev team with API development. Their Rails API supports the IOS and Android mobile applications, and provides the gateway to their social database. We had weekly meetings and sprints to deliver the project on time, and on budget. In addition, we ensured they could handle the scale demanded by social networking applications by optimizing the performance of their API and their database.

The outcome

Rolo is a growing social network that is supported by a great foundation. Any regressions are tracked by tests we built out for all of our features. Rolo can now handle the scale of building out a social network without being hampered by their back-end API.

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