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When a business wants to put themselves online, calling up BC may not be enough.

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The problem

Brilliant Chemistry is a platform for providing on-demand developer resources to businesses that normally do not have in-house software developers. One of BC’s clients, DWM Holdings, needed more developers than they had available. That’s where we came in.

The solution

We came into lead the Ruby on Rails project and get the team moving forward. We also provided DevOps resources to manage the 7 different environments for their client’s applications. We also met with the end users to explain our development process and ensure everything was delivered on time. Finally, we provided R&D development resources to test C# and AutoCAD applications to integrate with the Rails application, all while sticking to the original deadlines and deliverables.

The outcome

The client successfully launched their product to their customers and have transitioned them to their new online platform. Coordinating with multiple development teams, we were able to provide the product and the necessary documents to help the client continue to move forward with their brand new website.

What they had to say

Anon was invaluable in helping us get a crucial project organized. As a developer, scrum master, and architect, Adam had no problem going the extra mile to ensure the project was on time and working with our Partners. We'd be happy to work together again in the future and would highly recommend their services.
Michael Agrusso testimonial
Michael Agrusso, Director of Technology, DWM Holdings
Anon goes above and beyond to provide clients with real value. Adam was a team player and supported not only the goals of the project but also fellow developers. Adam’s deep and varied experience proved an invaluable resource for our project by contributing not just software development, but UX, devops, and project management, as well.
Michael Agrusso testimonial
Michael Agrusso, Director of Technology, DWM Holdings

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