From zero to launch with Betterwell

A short while ago it was just an idea. Here’s how we turned a health movement from a dream to reality in just one month.

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The problem

Betterwell aims to fix the epedemic of obesity through intelligent, crowd-sourced reviews of popular diet programs. The problem is turning such a great idea into a website without any software development experience and a tight deadline to show something to investors. For many would-be founders, this would be the end of the line, but not for Betterwell.

The solution

We immediately got to work on a simple minimal viable product (MVP) to show to investors. With less than a month from idea to launch, we moved quickly to deliver a functioning prototype with a dozen plans to choose from when customers register. Utilizing Ruby on Rails with Heroku, we were able to meet the aggressive deadlines to keep moving the business forward.

The outcome

Within the first month, Betterwell has successfully launched and received thousands of signups. The prototype has been able to scale with the demand and has enabled the founders to reach the next level to demo to potential investors.

What they had to say

We came to Anon with an extremely short deadline that they were able to meet. It was impressive how much high-quality work they accomplished in such a limited time. We would highly recommend the team and their services.
Jack Pinto testimonial
Jack Pinto, Founder & CEO, Betterwell

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